die Gefallenen: Syria Update 2

Monday, April 9, 2018

Syria Update 2

Syria continues sadly today in the news.

Here are some latest headlines-

Air Strikes Happen

Opinion on what could be done

The Logic of Assad

Syria during WWII and later

During the time of excavations by von Hemrick, Syria was initially French controlled and then after the Germans had invaded France, German access to Syria became possible.

By Stephen Kirrage, CC BY 3.0Link 

In 1941, the Allies lead a successful attack against Syria as part of the Syrian and Lebanon campaign. By 1943 the first president is elected and three years later Syria is free of all foreign control.

It would be in 1947 the rise of the Baath Party occurs. This is an Arab Socialist Party. Contrary to popular belief, Nazism is alive and well in the Middle East. Mein Kampf is still one of the more popularly translated books even today.

It is from this point forward that all the political problems with Syria continue to this day.
One could almost make an argument that lands such a Syria may not be truly ready for true independence as we understand it in America. In the process of leaving them alone to their own devices they seem to be constantly infected with ideals which potentially can cause political blowback.

This is not to suggest that the international community should consider going back to the pre-WWII occupational methods, but then again the last 71 years hasn’t worked out well for the region. How many more years will it take before it does?

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